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R.E.A.D Bintang Dalam Dakapan Fair!

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🔊 Finally, it's happening!


📣 Come join us at the R.E.A.D Bintang Dalam Dakapan Fair! on January 6, 2023 at the PTARPP and live on our social media platforms. 📣


📝 Event details: -

Date: 6 JAN 2023 | FRIDAY

From 9.30AM - 10.30PM

- Bengkel PTAR: Searching Strategy

- BI-CARA: KWSP : Harapan Warga Kreatif

- Artopia: Best Books of 2022 | Melarik Kerlipan Bintang



Live @ Facebook PTARPP:

Live @ Facebook: READ At Cca |

Live @ Youtube |


You don't want to miss this opportunity.

 For more information visit

 In collaboration with PTARPP, Kolej Pengajian Seni Kreatif & KWSP